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RAPE OF THE SOUL: Second Edition (2019)

As the global Catholic Church abuse scandals intensify and continue to grow, the fuel of the crises is evidenced via its planned requisition, approval, promotion and execution, directly exposing those within the Church, through stunning pictorials and expert analysis. With bonus features and coverage.
Documentary (108 mins)

by: Michael A. Calace

Narrated by: Robert Swan

The Experts: Michael A. Calace, Dr. Judith Reisman,
Dr. Wilson Bryan Key, Dr. Stanley Monteith, Dr. Marc Oster

"It is better that scandals arise, then that the truth be supressed."

- Pope St. Gregory the Great

Art Expert Uncovers Phallic Symbol on Famed Crucifix

San Damiano Crucifix Contains Penile Erection
Promoted by the Vatican as Fuel for Sex Abuse

New York, NY (PR Newswire) 

The new documentary “Rape of the Soul: Second Edition” released worldwide by SSI, features one of the most celebrated symbols of the Catholic Church, exposed as a fuel of the intensifying sexual abuse scandal crisis.

“The heavily marketed original San Damiano crucifix that St. Francis of Assisi prayed to and which he said spoke to him, clearly depicts an erect penis with testicles, and has been copied and redistributed throughout the world,” asserted embed art expert Michael A. Calace.

The investigative documentary profiles what negative programming effects occur through both subconscious and conscious stimulation, evidenced via embedded sexual and horror imagery in art, while exposing those who continually requisition and promote such imagery in combination with the emotional element of religion, and then resort to coverup tactics.

Notable former professor, author and visual media analyst Dr. Wilson Bryan Key warned, “The negative affects you can measure, you can observe, and you can validate. Everything goes into your brain.”

Featuring Dr. Judith Reisman, an expert consultant for the US Department of Justice, Education and Health and Human Services said, “Is it predatory? You bet it is. Is it planned? Of course it is. Is it successful? With the society we have today, it certainly is.”

Mr. Calace, also an experienced Catholic religion teacher stated, “The church continually showcases the previously closeted San Damiano crucifix as a key symbol distinguishing the post Vatican II church, thus standardizing debauchery in the priesthood, while misleading and abusing faithful Catholics who have suffered severely.”

Throughout the movie, embedded sexual, satanic and demonic imagery in many historical and contemporary artworks are stunningly exposed, extracted and detailed with visual proof and expert analysis, showing the ongoing abuse scandals of the church being fuelled by specifically ordered and promoted blasphemy.


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